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The TOMAATO 2018 Collection was formulated out of my need to prove that I could have a similar response to my art in America as portrayed in Jamaica. I was exposed to better materials and a wider audience I am sure you could imagine how excited I was however; I was not able to legally work at the time, I could not give this collection my all. Nonetheless I posted my works online and was approached by RAWartists I was fortunate to see my family come to my rescue purchasing tickets so I could attend. It went tremendously well and I learnt so much from the event and I met eccentric people I became good friends with! 

When I got my green-card I decided to slow down and save so I could finally give my all to a collection and show the world what I am truly made of! It took longer than I thought but each time I grew closer to my goal. I got a job but each break I had and each day after work my mind was fixed on creating my new collection. 

Please see a few works from my TOMAATO Collection below. These works are no longer for sale for the new collection is almost ready so the old shall remain in the archives. 

Thank you so much for viewing! "There's always more... Eccentric Artistry." - imuzi ryzoncity Thompson