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The DAAKNISS 2017 Collection was designed to showcase my talents to the world for the first time hence, 'coming out of the darkness.' 

In December 2017 I entered the Liguanea Art Festival the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. There, I was approached by the National Newspaper for an article. This was crucial prove I was capable of impact, at this point I believed I had something to share with the world and beyond. Finally I took my art more seriously; with my new upcoming collection, I will showcase how serious it can be. 

Please see a few works form my DAAKNISS Collection below. These works are no longer for sale as they have become an integral part of my story and when I die they will be known as the foundation to ryzoncity. 

Thank you for viewing! "There's always more... Eccentric Artistry." - Imuzi ryzoncity Thompson