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“Stripping my heart of choice”

 “Stripping my heart of choice”

He has no hair in his ass, there’s no hair on his penis.

Man! Jamaican sunsets are sincerely beautiful. 

He likes it fresh for the same reason you eat meat but still refuse to eat road kill despite being the easiest. 

In a world where people don’t have to do anything perception is everything. 

Who knows what went on in Eden, who knows what to fuck, from goats to giant pheasants. 

I turned and caught her drinking my spit. 

The Queen was in his bed but the King is still thinking about fucking peasants.

She’s not such a pussy that I’d need to say sorry for each misstep. 

Slicing down bits of who I am to match the influence of others bro I’d rather die! I am my own expectation. 

I made the bitch eat the peanut butter I was lonely and horny.

So hard not to be an asshole when I’m laser focussed, so sorry its not my intention.

I am the imuzi and I practice war. 

I know it’s allot to ask of you but I’m worth it so I’d never feel guilty. 

This is not just a collection this is a message. 

Dear forge master, charge me what you will but suffer me not mediocrity for I am a patron of the arts. 

I empathize though I still need you to please me. 

They all need the time I don’t have to give. 

To commemorate the consecration of the newly build private chapel at his castle. 

When I ignore the world there’s always something exciting something really big going on and in that moment one might consider going back in the game. 

I just hope Kanye didn’t beg that woman to take him back the queen banished from the castle. 

But I stand firm for I am aware of the path before me. 

I think of you less and less as the days go by. 

What must I do to gain some silence in this world… I think I’d have to face death. 

Soon enough I’ll think of you just as much as the swat team killing a fly. 

If your behavior is contingent on the great times then what is true about you now. 

I only hope my demons don’t follow me there. 

I’d much rather be too early or too late for no one gets remembered for showing up now.

Who am I to determine who deserves what, the way I see it you’ll take what you deserve and neglect the rest?

I do not know of tomorrow but at this very moment I could face death with a smile. 

Slowly keeping up with my influences when I should be removing them all to see my best.

Truth or lie humans could kill you anyway so I’d rather die saying nothing.

Dead End. 

From: ryzoncity 

By: imuzi Thompson 

Written: June 1, 2021

“There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson © 2021


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