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“Slumber Party”

 Slumber Party”

I used to be a Christian, when I prayed I made the elders cry.

How you knew what’s inside my weary heart dear imuzi?

Deep underneath we all want to eat, fuck, sleep and die! 

Whilst staying blind or deff,

Unless you’re the Queen or Jeff 

Got on that spaceship they left 

That’s a fowl Mr. Ref!

I want to be like Christ hanging with the sinners and the prostitutes.

On the streets sucking dick and cracking then guilt tripping to church for my oral abuse.

Smoking hot white bitches for the first time, every hole used getting used. 

I want to be like David and I want to be like Moses; I want to rape and I want to kill somebody, respectively.

I want to be like King Solomon testing the muddy waters of sodomy.

Men of Gods own heart you can’t wrong me, its a holy slumber party.

I will point out the tree and I will bring the rope so you can hang me.

Keep your circle small son only trust the family.

No matter the money don’t mean shit to me time is my only currency.

Live my life sticking my tongue out, my tongue in until death calls my number.

Don’t worry about my coffin I already got the lumber. 

Dead End. 

From: ryzoncity 

By: imuzi ironizah Thompson 

Written: November 30, 2021

“There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson © 2021


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