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“My Sinless Moon”

 “My Sinless Moon”

Sometimes I wish I could take back every text I’ve ever sent,

Sometimes deep down I believe you’re indeed heaven sent.

I don’t quite like who I’ve become when I write;

When I shade every word with ending profanity to let it seems as if everything is alright.

Slowly breaking away my own walls because humans don’t live forever;

Why lie to myself when my life is so short rapid evaporating water. 

Kissing strangers on an honest dub night.

Dumping on you my darkest secrets when there is no light.

I just want to know you’re there for me, I just want to feel you on me.

Can you touch me, can I touch you, can you be with me in a dark silent room?

I know I don’t talk much about him but it bothers me everyday.

My first born son unable to walk or talk or communicate as the other boys do and yet it’s the same year over year.

I know it seems like I don’t care and truthfully I focus mostly on my art collection my therapy sessions.

I am filled with anger because I do not deserve this, he does not deserve this.

Look how beautiful he is with such an honest smile;

He has features of my big sister the one with the least amount of sin.

I can be angry at no one and everyone at the same time, an angry black male.

The angry Old Orangutan;

Angry little monkey.

If I don’t keep my anger all bottled up your breasts would be wet with my tears.

After or while we fucking I’d be the one with tears so I keep it all in and thank you for not asking not even once 

I’m also sorry for what you’re reading if it feels wrong.

I have no choice but to document my life for my grandchildren like an everlasting song. 

Dead End. 

From: ryzoncity 

By: imuzi ironizah Thompson 

Written: November 30, 2021

“There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson © 2021


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