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“Miami Lilly”

 “Miami Lilly”

Noise of the world being down; 

the words of a girl being drowned. 

Energetic inspirations unfounded;

C’s like channel almost blonde. 

Close to the city lights blind-folded; 

I had no time for you to be deboned. 

Miami beaches a dream;

Miami peaches and cream, 

Miami bitches and Red Bull cans, 

Miami churches and Christians! 

I knew I needed a friend again,

Bro why do you allow this to happen? 

Slowly trodden and forgotten. 

Apples in the lowest regions is always rotten. 

Nothing needed to be said for it to be written. 

Dripping lips purrs of a kitten,

All I could see was several ways to be smitten.

So fast slicing off pieces of me.

Too fast jumping to every vulnerability.  

Thank you for sex honing my ability. 

I’ll see you in another pond my pretty little white Lilly.

Dead End. 

From: ryzoncity 

By: imuzi ironizah Thompson 

Written: May 31, 2021

“There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson © 2021


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