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“I’m already home”

 “I’m already home”

There’s nobody… there is no one that could tell me where my home is!

Please shut the fuck up.

Just tell me how horny your cunt is,

ignoring please stop, I can slice it up.

All we thrive for is temptation but low-key I’m in need of some bloody peace in my life. 

Not commoners knowledge to know that there’s peace when you’re taking someone’s life;

there’s peace knowing you control whether they get to live or die,

since it’s generating profits then they’re all ripe bound to die.

From the dirty butchers diary to your porcelain table;

no one asks if the butcher is insane or if his judgment is stable,

should he walk amongst the regs, and is he good or is he evil?

If Jesus told Peter where to locate and murder so many fish then does that makes Jesus the Devil?

Fuck your choices, Donkey said the world ain’t level! 

Judgment day fast approaches boy oh boy you know I’m ready;

send me to Hell piss on my corpse, that’s the reversing R Kelly. 

I’ve been through this kind of shit already. 

I’ve been useless keeping my mind half steady. 

Drinking goat head soup ooh I love that gooey medley; 

like Oreo and milk, like white bitches fucking a black monkey. 

Let me decide my destination whether riches or the trenches;

I hate when motherfuckers trying to place me inside their tiny boxes,

like transgenders combining sexes,

bitch you know he likes it raw quit insisting on latexes.  

Come fuck me cut the text.

Her scent smells like sex. 

I used to visit beaches by the coast, from one right to the next.

I used to visit bitches by their house, from one bed to the next.

I was just trying to be comforted. 

I was lost trying to be founded.

Oh God my mind was loose,

this minute I’m vibes the very next recluse. 

Just trying to feel at home, to be someone’s  daughter spouse. 

I pretend to be tranquil like talk the truth everyone knows. 

The only place I felt at home was within the cold walls of my slaughter house. 

Dead End. 

From: ryzoncity 

By: imuzi ironizah Thompson 

Written: May 28, 2021

“There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson © 2021


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