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"Burning Roses"

 "Burning Roses"

As she sheds this version of herself I too relate; close to naked as can be,

so close to the ice yet living within- reaching farther deep.

All I am and all you are the same; hide and seek a dangerous, a very old game.

The time draws near for the birth of the Pumpkin King; the time draws near for the historical endless killing-game.

I know I am not all that ready but you grow and I grow; I admire you dear old oak tree, don’t you already know?

How do you survive looking at this mess of a world all day and all night? I close my doors, my eyes to escape the fright.

My mind is enough; incomparable to this garbage.

My chaos is enough; I know only the eccentric understands our language.

I just need some silence; some darkness so I can cry, turn the light out for a second, it’s gotten so easy to lie.

So what? Can I not be pleased with myself, is that not allowed. I am robbed, only of my creations can I be proud.

The moment you fruit you begin to end, bury me by her roots, my giant green friend.

Dead End. 

By: imuzi ironizah Thompson 1991 - 2091

From: ryzoncity 

Written: December 9, 2021

“There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson © 2021


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