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“Burning Rocks”

 Burning Rocks”

No one asked if he was good, no one questioned the state of his beloved mangina. 

You could tell something was going wrong with that smell coming from her vagina. 

Bites his lip now, can’t let her slip no, she’s late for class though, then hurry lets fuck then take a really quick shower.

Can’t let it pass; irregardless of a rewritten past, trying to make a good sunset last in North Carolina. 

One more time for the redemption with his eyes all filled with sleep, still her time of the month oh boy that red looks deep, that needs a diaper stop doubling-up on those cheap panty liners. 

That head was good; crush ice on the tip, my friends never understood so you could tell they were just beginners. 

He tatted his name across his neck that boy really loves himself. 

He tatted his logo all on his ass that boy should go and fuck himself.

She got fat and ugly; that big fucking whale, thanking god she vomited him out wow Jonah saved himself. 

Golden moment fresh like breath-mints; he thought he was about to fuck a 46 year old vagina at the time but it felt like only 12. 

For that one reason he lied to be in the Ville satisfying the addiction, new ocean, young face who wouldn’t want to delve. 

He bought her birthday gifts only brandished in dark rooms.

That pink lingerie and alpaca socks; get comfy it’s been a long flight, long nights with her nudes in public bathrooms. 

Her house-slave-like light-skin contrasts with that cancer-ribbon-like pink-vagina, oozing with that heavenly white-milk cream! You know he’s not getting out that pussy-hole anytime soon. 

Labeling her his honey trap; big bee resting in her bosom, he slept soundly like an infant or the homeless until noon.

Flying without air; without wings, I can’t get rid of you just yet like burning rocks. 

Thinking of you with someone else in Canada turns me on, too many caked-up sticky socks. 

Rip my soul out; ate all my porridge, that stupid blond bitch Goldilocks. 

To marry a nun for the purity; bro we all know they’re just retired whores, asking for forgiveness whilst watching ticks of the death clock! 

Little brother God ran out of ingredients to make the girl you want to be by your side. 

By the time you get them, they’re fucked up like leftovers on the inside. 

Some other male or females trashy-what-left; pick up no girl on your way bro, they’re always to be left off by the wayside. 

In America you drive fast on the left side 

In this world there’s no more Jedi lil-bro; we all belong to the Darkside! 

God needs to be entertained that is why this world will know no peace. 

Only the rich goes to Valhalla but sing to me sweet like a harlot lying to Vikings on a raid, battling seas.

I know It ain’t much but it’s honest, I’m grateful I’m getting paid without catching disease.

Ain’t fast and sweet like those pretty bitches in college leaving me with cholesterol snatching up all of my greens! 

I can’t go back home until I’m paid man but Jamaica is almost always in my dreams. 

Dead End. 

From: ryzoncity 

By: imuzi Thompson 

Written: August 22, 2021

“There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ironizah Thompson © 2021


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