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 Won't be posting here and on youtube about the same thing so if you want to see the videos please visit the youtube link. i will use this space to speak more in depth about ideas i hold dear. 

"IMUZI TALKING TO HIMSELF"... About decentralized relationships!!??

The fourth in the series I am not stoping please see the above link for the youtube channel.  This is to document that I am adhering to the rules and it's becoming more and more anticipated to create these videos. As I get better I will have a better flow and eventually a fully dynamic video with informative ideas; I do want my children to get an idea of how I view the world when I am not around and especially for my grandchildren.  I would like them to know that no matter what always aim for your higher self and it is not worth it to stay  My Eccentric Social Media:​​​  Here is my art portfolio:​ “Theres’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” - ryzoncity  Copyright: 2021

"IMUZI TALKING TO HIMSELF" About Depressing Cure

 The distractions will truly do you in. I am staying true to the rules uploading each day have a few hours before today closes so I am completing the video editing. I think this is very helpful and it gives me purpose instead of feeling depressed. Not trying to impress anyone and I don't care what anyone have to say about it that is why the title is "IMUZI TALKING TO HIMSELF" how many places do we get to say how we truly feel without hate or wondering what others will think? Not many really even though its social media it has been reduced to expectations even though the internet should be a place we can be ourselves and reinvent when ever we want to. Drake showing love to JAMAICA in Scary Hours 2 and i really respect that.  Visit MY YouTube for more from the video its in the link above. 


Setting up some rules for myself this is my attempt to reenter YouTube and this time I don't care about subscribers or views that much its just to get what's on my mind out there.  Rules: must do a summary on blog  must post the same day  must upload everyday (no limit) must be 5mins long  fuck views do it for yourself  I am using my phone no use in purchasing equipments when this XS works perfectly for the time being. Just talking about my aspirations for YouTube and my dedication to adhere to my goals no matter what; this is my way of showing my resolve.  here is the link if you wanna see it; Thank you for viewing.  'There's always more... Eccentric Artistry." - imuzi Thompson