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ryzoncity entry 0.7

Why I Want Ten Children… or more. 

If your kids have your own ideas and dreams to build greater than I have laid out then all I ask is that you think of your grandchildren and their wellbeing; please, think of their security for nothing is promised but what you have to give. I am trying to build something for you, somewhere, somehow. Will I can my own desires? Maybe, but I do know that I can give you all a very good start by ensuring your parents my first offspring are well. There is plenty in this world keep you away from the focus on our family, on our house ryzoncity but ensure you are not distracted for too long and that you return to what is most important. There is nothing more important than the security of the family, nothing. Now and forever this is the main focus. We have our duties to nurse the world and the be the alternative but without the security of family we are nothing. 

The world would be boring without a little excitement here and there; therefore, if we do achieve a utopia people will eventually repeat the cycle and confirm there is nothing new under the sun. There is a solution for that and it’s how we all got here; through competition. Competition will force us to evolve the same way war does or disasters do. We must use competition to ensure we don’t stay stagnant and we always seek to break every previous record towards the right things. The ultimate record we need to break is that of exploring the stars. We should not be so comfortable here on earth now that we’ve gained intelligence and technology we must instead use this as a base and launch ourselves into the the other atmospheres however far or close they may be. All the planets around use should be the blueprint of what we should expect beyond our solar system. Why haven’t we set up shop on each planet? Humanity seems lazy to me, repeating the same garbage generation after generation and it pains me to watch kids grow up to be useless like their parents and repeat the same things; falling for the same tricks and eating a the same tables that mock us and feed us crumbs like dogs. I want to have as much of you as possible so I can fully cement my ideals and maybe one of you or hopefully all of you can help nurse this world and branch out beyond our star. 

It come up to the survival and the increase in chances that my legacy will actually be recognized for future generations and not just to be buried with me. I could run the chance of being reincarnated with the right gene configuration. If not by body then through my being. When I was younger I could tell what my future would look like. In it I saw ten children, that was a goal I saw but since then I’ve taken on the mantle to actually see it through. Also if I was a slave I envision that I would be one of the studs set aside to breed the little slave gyals to make new little slaves. I feel like that was one of my past lives and before that I was a slave master who did the same to my slaves because I only purchased nigger gyals. I sold the girls and I made the boys work the field I got them new bitches each month if they were good behaving. I will tell you more of my past life as a slave master some other time. 

Additionally I have many personalities and I feel like we are all like Superman carrying a billion possibilities within ourselves waiting to be born and it is my duty to make as much of my self be born as possible. 

Why wouldn’t I want to help another human be born? I could go on sprouting selfish reasoning but the one truth is I sense this to be part of my purpose; a burning desire to bring forth offspring, to be fruitful and multiply. I too was born with a set of functions and I have never really diverted from it no matter what I am always led back to my makers design to the instructions I was given, back to the script. 

Because we have become such sheep of the media we don’t broadcast certain things and we don’t talk about it as if other than the agenda is not important. That’s why I hated mass communication in college ever since I learned about agenda setting and gate keeping. They chose what becomes news and they fix it to sound as bad as possible to get as much views as possible. You will aim for things they don’t agree with but it’s not for them to understand but for you to prove. 

You must know your place in the system and don’t pretend as if you’re other than your place states. I like the idea of creating people form almost nothing. I’m surprised we don’t do this more often. Society make people think it’s such a burden to give birth but in fact it is the true reason we are here. This planet is a nursery for humanity it’s not a home; the universe is our home, earth is our cradle the galaxy is our house. 

If you are poor don’t try to be rich instead understand why you are poor and how best to live while being poor all the while work on becoming rich not trying but doing. Treat your niggers good masta we gon protect you when the revolution comes. To become a grand candidate this will lead me into my next entry for you children. The age of designer babies. 

To my young ones. I just wanted you to know that I really do appreciate you even though I act like I know you very well and you have not taken breathe as yet. These are matters I shouldn’t concern myself with. I don’t know what your world will be like but I hope you understand my desires for you all and what we are on earth to do, and where are we going beyond this planet Thank for conversing with me and just know that when I get good in life (successful) you can count on me to assist in whatever way I can with any business ventures you have in mind. I’ll always be your first father as long as you remain my children. Love ryzoncity. 


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