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ryzoncity entry 0.9

 I know its easier to manage your distraction when you are alone but that's how discipline can help you, you ought to exercise a level of self control and discipline around others other than your self; how else can you face adversity should you follow the herd or should you try to figure things out on your own? will you rely on god or shall you seek the God within to perform miracles of self control?

Lol you know what surprising to me is that they think they can use incentive programs to swipe away feeding black babies to alligators for sport. They think they can cradle the most of us and make me forget! Bro its in my DNA as if I was one of the children they fed to alligators I can't forget that. I won't let them forget that. Sad that we think we belong in their nations as we forget to reconquer our own. They keep keeping Africa poor so she doesn't rise up and take her rightful place. Marcus Mosiah Garvey wanted this, Bob Marley wanted this and Gadafi wanted this; why are we not doing this why do we suffer to the distractions they provide.

I just wanted to say Barbados you are heading in the right direction and thank you for setting a great example for the rest of the Caribbean and the Commonwealth to follow. From I was a child I knew it was garbage for the English queen to still reign over us as if we are still her subjugated slaves. Shame that Jamaicans celebrate independence from a monarchy that still governs us. That woman shouldn't even be alive (compared to natural living) much less rule over a bunch of black people. Shame on you stupid adults who I now grow up to be a part of. I thought you would've done us a favor and I thought you all would be different. Anyway; back to my collection.

And shouts out to the people who on there days-off is still interested in changing the world for people who don't care anymore. Those who left it in the hands of God; for the meek to inherit and for Jesus to burn up on judgement day.

Encouraging people to stay off social media for a few months is like asking christians to stop believing in God for a sec. We have all found a new God the we all can accept and truth has trade places with the devil. We feed the true beast and worship it out of need or necessity; we all need to know the next, we must gain the next fix, we are the products and we agree to be sold. I truly would like to be branded a black intelligent creative nigger monkey or anything non-human or something above humanity because humans are too destructive to everything that keeps them alive. I don't want to come back here maybe some other planet anything but Joe Biden any thing but Earth.

Our ancestors didn't hop off the boat and said "I can't wait to raise my kids here and make this land our own, come on masa let's build a nation." No! they didn't, and we don't need no retribution either. Even though we helped to kill the natives for them and fight the wars that led to their independence they still treat us like we are second class compared to their dogs.

I have to be the change Iwant to see because I can't depend on anyone else to make a difference for the world. We don't have an alternate way to live but in their system which should be okay except we don't have a choice, we don't have a way out so we are stuck in mind and body.

I used to think we need a new political party and at one point Iwanted to join one but over time Irealized we don't need a party what we need is a none party, a governing body that does not govern but help without trying to suck and bleed dry the people. just help with no motive with no hope of givinganything but smiles. no profitto come from the efforts and tears and sweat just for the sake of love and Iam not talking about blue or stupid Red Cross nor the fucking UN who all still use drastic measures to gain. I mean ensuring both sides have a just decision that satisfies with few compromises.

I am judge here to bring justice, I am here to nurse the world.


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ryzoncity entry 0.6

Each Drawing Each drawing must be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Each drawing should make its predecessor obsolete and absolute; as if I wasn’t doing my best on those, as if I’ve done my best on those. At the beginning It should be confusing and I must figure it out, figure what it’d like to become. Each drawing is king until dethroned by the next I must serve the king. It must be relevant to today and a hundred years from now. It should be out of its time always. It ought not to be replicable or reproduced only one man shall have so much power. One of a kind they must feel how special they are, they must feel your soul radiating from each drawing. I will write my judgement on this white paper.  They must see the many things I was trying to say, they must dig deep to understand why I spoke in such language. They must be able to see more each time they look for days with no end for it changes overtime, the longer they have it the more it should have to say. They must see the unint

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I am not saying we should build Panera breads nor should we build castles of coffee places in Africa or massive hotels all I am saying is that for the landscape we can do much better the rest of the world depend on the resources that comes out of Africa so why isn’t Africa the most powerful nation in the world?  I am just annoyed why the world haven't changed since we (those in my generation) were children, since we all started to question the world and to figure out what in nonsense since we became wise or are we still foolish. why do we have the same problems why do we allow them to take us for a swim and eventually drowning us. why do we do this to ourselves. leaving more piles of problems for out grandkids to deal with. as long as I live I will do what ever I can through my art to make a difference in the world for I am a world leader and I pray those in my generation live long so they can cry at the mess they allowed to continue through their time.  why do I have to keep askin