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ryzoncity entry 0.6

Each Drawing Each drawing must be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Each drawing should make its predecessor obsolete and absolute; as if I wasn’t doing my best on those, as if I’ve done my best on those. At the beginning It should be confusing and I must figure it out, figure what it’d like to become. Each drawing is king until dethroned by the next I must serve the king. It must be relevant to today and a hundred years from now. It should be out of its time always. It ought not to be replicable or reproduced only one man shall have so much power. One of a kind they must feel how special they are, they must feel your soul radiating from each drawing. I will write my judgement on this white paper.  They must see the many things I was trying to say, they must dig deep to understand why I spoke in such language. They must be able to see more each time they look for days with no end for it changes overtime, the longer they have it the more it should have to say. They must see the unint

ryzoncity entry 0.5

From 2020 I will try to write as much as I can for I know you won't get the chance to know me best. I might never live to see you nor the first set of you my children. From an early age I questioned the world and how it operated as if I was born knowing a screw was missing from the mechanism. I once thought about radicalism and the extra curricular activism it comes with; what I am most happy for is that I started to explore ideas very early on my own and I got own of them on my own as well. Asking questions drove me into a the abyss and asking better questions took me out. While they were busy partying in the field I was cooped up figuring out how the world should run. I don't know much, I don't like to read too much because for me reading too much always distract you from fixing the problem. I must dive in and do something. Too many books and less actions, we don't know how to live with the hate of others and that is fucking up the world.  My dad had a hard time havin

ryzoncity entry 0.4

Sorry Brother To say sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed a friend the most; I hope someone was actually there for you both and reassured you that everything would be okay. I know you won’t ever truly heal but I can recommend trying again for that is the only way to make the pain significantly less than now, you feel. I speak from experience. I know a call could’ve sufficed but for me that’s not enough to show my empathy and remorse for your family. We shared too much not to deal with such matters in person. My heart is with you brother. Stay safe. There’s always more... ryzoncity.