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ryzoncity entry 0.3

Stop Chat

When Kanye went on the breakfast club and told all of them that unless they own the radio station they’re not free and their children’s livelihoods not guaranteed, I saw them subtly justifying their positions in life. He’s right unless you own it then you’re not free from the slavery of cooperations who own you and what you have/even me. I don’t generally have a problem with people (apart from Joe) but I only and specifically have problems with the way we subjugate ourselves to outdated laws and unspoken but respected dictations some white old man sat to govern us all. 

I’ll get into that some other time; my current judgment is against that DJ AK situation and Legend wife. I have no problems with none of them and I like AK and Legends music and my wife like his wife but my problem is with the double standard society punish us with and the suitability of freedom of speech, meaning it has to suit the current political climate for it to be accepted or rejected. We ought not to censor so much and or be apologetic to express our opinions, it’s shameful humans pay so much attention to fucking words as if actions lost the meaning. 

It amaze me how intellectuals get disrespected by people lesser than them and flex their powers to feel some form of justice and satisfaction by ensuring peasants remember they are on the fields picking the cotton they sell back to them as brand name clothes. It’s shit like this that make people bottle emotions and die unhappy each day with a fucking smile walking around. You know Marcus Garvey came to America and spoke his mind and they killed him and every Jamaican who come up here always apologize for their point of view like Beanie Man etc and they lock up World Boss and we think they care about gunmen killing gunmen? And if you say too much they snatch you G-card. Dude! Fuck em! Even I fall victim to the silence of an artist but only because I don’t have no power yet (enjoying my un-discovery) . 

Eventually bro, slowly but surely and if not me then I’ll leave the blueprint hidden someplace, people too sensitive to words and the world can’t be honest with each other because of this; I want to change this. You chat too much! You chat too much! You chat too much! Right up until everyone walk around silent and forget how fi chat and express themselves. Bursting into war-world filled with untrustworthiness. Quarantine forever fam. And fuck Joe Biden that unbelievable black-blood sucking worm. Back to my collection. ryzoncity


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ryzoncity entry 0.6

Each Drawing Each drawing must be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Each drawing should make its predecessor obsolete and absolute; as if I wasn’t doing my best on those, as if I’ve done my best on those. At the beginning It should be confusing and I must figure it out, figure what it’d like to become. Each drawing is king until dethroned by the next I must serve the king. It must be relevant to today and a hundred years from now. It should be out of its time always. It ought not to be replicable or reproduced only one man shall have so much power. One of a kind they must feel how special they are, they must feel your soul radiating from each drawing. I will write my judgement on this white paper.  They must see the many things I was trying to say, they must dig deep to understand why I spoke in such language. They must be able to see more each time they look for days with no end for it changes overtime, the longer they have it the more it should have to say. They must see the unint

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I am not saying we should build Panera breads nor should we build castles of coffee places in Africa or massive hotels all I am saying is that for the landscape we can do much better the rest of the world depend on the resources that comes out of Africa so why isn’t Africa the most powerful nation in the world?  I am just annoyed why the world haven't changed since we (those in my generation) were children, since we all started to question the world and to figure out what in nonsense since we became wise or are we still foolish. why do we have the same problems why do we allow them to take us for a swim and eventually drowning us. why do we do this to ourselves. leaving more piles of problems for out grandkids to deal with. as long as I live I will do what ever I can through my art to make a difference in the world for I am a world leader and I pray those in my generation live long so they can cry at the mess they allowed to continue through their time.  why do I have to keep askin