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ryzoncity entry 0.2

Stupid World

They called me the stabba jabba in high school... they didn’t but if they did that would’ve been so cool. which ever one of my grandkids bold enough should take that name. So today I want to talk to you my children about this stupid world and everyone in it; you all put a dent in the walls of my core and by everyone I don’t literally mean everyone I mean the ones with power and how they use it. 

It is my belief that Kings should be delicates of the people, the most humble position in the kingdom when the fuck did being a king started to mean ruler of the people. The people became the servants and the king called them peasants; peas ants for they did not deserve meat from his table. 

Little me, what can I do? Biting off more than I can chew time and time again and yet, I always seem to reach the end of what I start. I think this path of creating these images will find its end eventually. I will do this for you my grandchildren; I will stay awake longer for you so you don’t have to go through this shit life I live. This poor life. 

We are way behind the Rothschild, we have much catching up to do and we will do this the right way nothing illegal to waste our time in prison and no easy quick fixes that send us into bankruptcy or on the run. Those are things that wastes time and we are better than to cheat at life’s obstacle course pvp game. I dedicate this collection to you. 

Know that this might be my last for I may be killed if people read too deep into my work. Or maybe I am being too presumptuous and then again, I’ve seen people die for far less and I mean really far less. So I don’t fear death but what I do fear is censorship not from you for there are ways to reach you other than words... you have my blood. I am thinking now as I thought a million years ago when I was a mere monkey in a tree. I never changed and I never will so I am in you all and you are here with me. The censorship I fear is the type that keeps us poor in mind. Riches can easily be achieved, but I don’t want riches, riches rock you to sleep and prevent you from making a change in the world. They keep lying to us, telling us when you get rich you can change the world, riches is an addiction all you want to do is more rich. I want power I want to stand in a room with the real landlords of society, I want to sleep in the bed of Kings. I am tired of friends who talk me up as if that’s cool! What is cool is actual actions to ch age the world and trust me that I know the way. I can’t depend on them but I can depend on you to make the right changes and follow the instructions of your parents those who kept to the way of ryzoncity. 

I have good friends here in the Us. I wish Kieth had a child so I could ensure they’re considered a true ally of our family. I do pray this collection goes in a direction he is willing to continue with. I am not sure he knows what I want from it, I am afraid of losing friends; here and my friends in JA. I might not even show the world the real pieces from the collection. I am not ready and when I say I. I am referring to my family linage isn’t ready to face the world not without some security that it’s okay for the rest. 

I can’t jeopardize the wellbeing of my family not with moon in this condition and mars must know me and all I am, at least him. And I won’t make my woman not know where or how I sleep at nights. It’s a sin to make the mother of your children worry about where you are. I almost joined the army but I don’t like making pretty girls cry especially when they’re pregnant. 

I wish I didn’t care about the world so much I wish I was a normal girl. 


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