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ryzoncity entry 0.1


I would like to start by stating my target audience; in most. of what I do I always keep them in mind as I aim to impress them in anything I do. From I was in college I developed a sense of knowing what the future will hold fo rme and even though I live in a society that predetermine ones future I stuck to a path of righteousness, a path I knew was mine and only mine to follow. I am much older now and stronger in my beliefs so I don't need permission or recognition to justify my doings. most of the things I was considered strange for are things great men are known for and my question is why didn't they all realize how great I was even back then; which brings me to my audience. My audience is my grandchildren. 

I write for them, I hope to impress them with the works I leave behind and I pray they may benefit from all I am doing now and yet to do before I rest in pieces. I want them to be rebellious as I am in a great and beneficial way to the earth and I want them all to be exceptionally great as they establish The House of ryzoncity and nurse the world. I must state to you my children that I am many individuals battling to top one another, I am zero and I am one hundred. I belittle myself each day I am around most people; dim my light if you will but I await the time they finally let me out this tunnel. I will make you all proud in my upcoming collection, I will not fail you. 

I write to you from he past knowing you will be alive, I know you will have my name and I know you are already great. Our family will not fail in our duty to know God and be its vessel of progressing the human race. We don't subject ourselves to the common livestock thinking man have today; rocked to sleep by gadgets so depended on tiny boxes... even I. regardless of the human game we are more, we play a game of our own; the human game. We are above the nonsense they give us but we don't need to refuse for we are capable of understanding others in conjunction to ourselves. 

its 5:21am, I am in Nashville, in this little apartment. I discard the things we don't need to save on space. Mars is walking now and I must clean the floor each day to ensure he eats nothing I wouldn't eat. today is the 30th of July I think yesterday or today was our marriage anniversary... great sex, she is improving more than I have time to enjoy right now. I am working on my collection, wait don't think its two old people fucking just look at my pictures from 2020 and see how sexy we were, use that image not the image I died in. anyway the collection is on the way, Mars is getting very heavy not in weight but in his abilities he is improving fast I am starting to dream of his future. Moon is improving however slowly but I love him for the little signs he provides letting me hope and feel good that I know he is in there just waiting to be free. I want to do some form of surgery or maybe the Nero-link or something to make him finally be alive. he still has seizers and he is very drugged up but I decided not to fight against the doctors, they always frighten us with "He could die without taking this medication." its so against who I am to take anything but natural medicine but I can't even afford the time to bring him home so my mom can try her natural remedies. I am not ashamed of Moon, in fact he is also the reason I work so hard because he cannot. 

My main reason for working hard though is you my Grandchildren. I want the bar set so high that you get frustrated trying to reach it and when you eventually do you will realize you've done so in such a timely manner that you have great room to improve upon and establish your own identity all while maintaining the foundation of ryzoncity. 

power; I don't really care about much in this world but gaining power. money can do so little in the absence of power. even love have no part in a world of power. When I decided to play the human game with contagiousness that it isn't real* I decided to go after power; making that my main focus as I paddle through the noise of life. holding on to that one thread. power, understanding what power is isn't hard; understanding the power you have is harder to see, but we can see the established power of other greater and older houses so prevalent that we can grasp the position our house is in and aim to match the alternatives. The house of Rothschild. I believe they rule the world and when I discovered that I chose them to m=be the alternative house to ryzoncity that is one of the reasons we can never write our name with a capital R not until we are on par with them. it was in 2012-2013 I made up my mind to build a city and take on the name ryzoncity and be the nurse of the world. to gain power all while doing great things. If you ever need to know your place always look to the family of Rothschild to understand my goal when I refer to gaining power as a new house. 

None fo us except Moon shall lay in bed past the allotted time for sleep and sex, there is no time to waste for we are not there yet. We will not pretend to be there until we truly are; children, I can not do this alone. I need your help to launch us into the future, please do not forget your reason for being here is an alternative to that family and to nurse the world, I have much to say, I hope you realize that in my art. I will leave as much foundation as I can. 


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