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ryzoncity entry 0.3

Stop Chat When Kanye went on the breakfast club and told all of them that unless they own the radio station they’re not free and their children’s livelihoods not guaranteed, I saw them subtly justifying their positions in life. He’s right unless you own it then you’re not free from the slavery of cooperations who own you and what you have/even me. I don’t generally have a problem with people (apart from Joe) but I only and specifically have problems with the way we subjugate ourselves to outdated laws and unspoken but respected dictations some white old man sat to govern us all.  I’ll get into that some other time; my current judgment is against that DJ AK situation and Legend wife. I have no problems with none of them and I like AK and Legends music and my wife like his wife but my problem is with the double standard society punish us with and the suitability of freedom of speech, meaning it has to suit the current political climate for it to be accepted or rejected. We ought not

ryzoncity entry 0.2

Stupid World They called me the stabba jabba in high school... they didn’t but if they did that would’ve been so cool. which ever one of my grandkids bold enough should take that name. So today I want to talk to you my children about this stupid world and everyone in it; you all put a dent in the walls of my core and by everyone I don’t literally mean everyone I mean the ones with power and how they use it.  It is my belief that Kings should be delicates of the people, the most humble position in the kingdom when the fuck did being a king started to mean ruler of the people. The people became the servants and the king called them peasants; peas ants for they did not deserve meat from his table.  Little me, what can I do? Biting off more than I can chew time and time again and yet, I always seem to reach the end of what I start. I think this path of creating these images will find its end eventually. I will do this for you my grandchildren; I will stay awake longer for you so you do

ryzoncity entry 0.1

Grandma I would like to start by stating my target audience; in most. of what I do I always keep them in mind as I aim to impress them in anything I do. From I was in college I developed a sense of knowing what the future will hold fo rme and even though I live in a society that predetermine ones future I stuck to a path of righteousness, a path I knew was mine and only mine to follow. I am much older now and stronger in my beliefs so I don't need permission or recognition to justify my doings. most of the things I was considered strange for are things great men are known for and my question is why didn't they all realize how great I was even back then; which brings me to my audience. My audience is my grandchildren.  I write for them, I hope to impress them with the works I leave behind and I pray they may benefit from all I am doing now and yet to do before I rest in pieces. I want them to be rebellious as I am in a great and beneficial way to the earth and I want them all to