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The ANTii Collection 2019 - 2020 "What're you thinking now?"

The ANTii Collection ( 2019 - 2020 ) An introductory to a much more dynamic collection. An awakening of seeing things through my perception; truly vaguely put however, this collection is straight forward comparatively to the June2020 collection I’m creating so diligently. With much more time consuming larger intricate artworks I get the sense of slow development (subtle stagnation) so I must change that with the issuing of this ANTii Collection.  Portraying this collection is my way of expressing myself through an alternate manner to my drawing styles. More colorful, more brilliant and popping as to its counterparts black and white yet impactful focus. I operate on either extremes of the designing spectrum; from the far left of the eccentric to the far right of the presented flat digital designs; I’ve never truly settled between (maybe whilst I paint.) I am zero or one hundred. This collection will help prevent an inactive social presence; therefore, while I work on m