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How I Determine Prices For My Drawings

How I determine prices for my traditional artworks 

  • Firstly I determine what level I’m at on a professional scale; whether I’ve accomplished allot in the art world, namely, competitions, awards, validity form peers and gallery presence as well as art displays in its various forms. 
  • Secondly comparatively to well renowned and already fully establish artists doing work in my category/genre of pen/ink drawings, how well do I compare to them? Specifically how uniquely well done is my work in comparison. 
  • Thirdly how important is the artwork to me and how much time I placed into it, I spend a tremendous time on my pieces so I don’t charge for each hour but how difficult the art was to create within a frame of time. Some artworks takes only a day and others take more than a few weeks on the same size of paper so I charge on how difficult it was to create. 
  • Forth, will I make prints of the work or not. I generally refrain from creating prints because I want the customer to have something truly unique and no one else can request it or get a print of it, this way the value of the artwork remains high at the point of resale. I prefer to provide prints of my digital art instead and not my traditional visual art.
  • Fifth, do I want to sell the art work or not. At times the artworks means too much to me to part with and if it’s going to be sold I have to place an emotional value on the piece, I rarely post such art but I may display them at events. 
  • Sixth, the range, I place all my artwork of the same size against each other and determine which should be on a higher level based on all the above and how well they look compared to each other, how much improvement and style development is shown and what sets it apart from the rest of my pieces in a collection. 
  • I do not charge for the professional quality materials I use because regardless of how expensive they are, materials are subjective. I only use the best materials because that’s the only way I’ll feel fulfilled. I don’t think it’s wise to put that expense on my client.  
  • I am trying not to charge for shipping. The way I package my art is rather unnecessary, I could simply role the art up in a tube and ship but I don’t do that, that’s not how I’d like to receive artworks from my favorite artists. I use two pieces of flat board an inch broader than the art to protect the edges and keep the work flat and secure for framing and travel. 
  • I do not currently sell framed art but I can recommend framing options upon request. I take that into my price consideration as well, allowing my client to be secure knowing it’s priced in such a way that they can frame the art financially comfortably themselves. 
  • Other unmentioned factors.
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