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It is my mind

It’s my mind  Here is a criminal mind in a person who isn’t a criminal or at the very least, exposed to acts of criminality that would drive him in a direction allowing the exploitation of his minds abilities. With a mind such as this, I truly feel alone based on the limiters people whom I must interact with, have on themselves. My fear of alienation grows stronger as it gets closer to me. As I develop more things and people I cannot live without.  At times I just want to scream in some empty place no one can hear me, I just want to walk around with whatever clothes I feel like wearing and no one noticed the difference. I am not doing art for people I am doing art because it’s my duty. Some people feel alive driving and seeing things, I come alive when I create from a dark white walled room... maybe solitary confinement is perfectly suited for me as long as I am provided papers and a black pigmented ink pen. (I like my pens pigmented)  I am used to it; being significantl

You’re Consuming Beautiful Garbage | fast foods

You’re Consuming Beautiful Garbage  When I see foods like burgers  🍔 , fries  🍟 , and chicken  🍗 being massively produced to feed an ever expanding population of humans I essentially think wow, what a waste. Most of us especially in the west buy a meal and end up about throwing half or more in the bin almost immediately after. Why? I would think that it’s due to the abundance of food and the extras they gave that we didn’t need. I’m an observer (not a stalker), when I go walking in town I notice what foods people throw in the bins; I see many Starbucks cups halfway full of precious coffee and I see food wraps half full of food, this is a sin.  I blame impulse buying, peer pressure and subtle, crafty advertisements the customers are unaware of and who merely “ignores.” You can’t simply ignore an advertisement, it’s already established in your consciousness, thereby making you subconsciously aware of the message. It’s far better to understand what your eyes consume and be awa