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“Eating Dust”

  “Eating Dust” Comparing myself to yesterdays; I’m always preparing to die. An eye for an eye; therefore, a slave master becomes the slave if only for the lifespan of a fly. The neighboring Red Planet is our home, as soon as we destroy our mom. Maybe this is what we did to her sister Venus, like parasites with no discretion. If I’m so ashamed of humanity, what urges me to live on? So tired of nursing the world; I am one, against billions. I must see this through to the very end, I cannot Rest In Peace not knowing. The dimmest light in the room and yet the only one pulsing. I am one with Earth; I am very angry, soon there’ll be global-snowing. Dead End.   By: imuzi ironizah Thompson 1991 - 2091 From: ryzoncity  Written: December 9, 2021 “There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson   ©  2021
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“Anything Will Do”

  “Anything Will Do” I sit here in a cheap blue browned couch with Mercury sleeping on my chest;   He’s getting so big, Mars came by staring at us in a dark room. It’s hard to tell if my eyes were closed for this I’m often known. Wearing the Clarks I really like with the cheese, Waxed with Shea butter I’m attracting all the bees. It’s so cold tonight as the many nights in the latter weeks of a Kentucky November. Tell me a story that could last me throughout this winter. Tonight I will listen, I want to know where it hurts I am all ears. Tell me what I’ve missed how you’ve grown in mind and body I’ve been gone for many years. Tired of talking about myself as if I’m not comfortable in my own skin, As if I left this world for nothing and brought back nothing because I saw nothing of substance to bring. I never thanked you for making me feel like a king; Watery eyes when I first heard you singing, The whole widens in my heart when I know it’s not me your fucking, it’s not me that you’re ru

“Dog Food”

  “Dog Food” The answer to everything is to treat it all as a game. My life in the glass, we never got the chance to dance like ants in the rain. This journey can be depressing but I promise we’re gonna live so sweet, sweet sugar cane. It’s all my fault you never called me yet still I came, I couldn’t let you pass me without knowing your name. How could I let the evening die without my tongue stroking your mane? Everything that’s important in life is all that we have left. As long as you’re still breathing then you’re all I have left. It must be your energy; please save a flask for me or at least open your strawberry jam jar, let me have a long sniff. It’s slow right now but once I’m done with the collection you can bet it’ll pick up, I’m driving towards a cliff. A true disciple of god, you won’t even give me a nod, whose clit should I suck to get this damn job, should I just chill or should I rob or should I be listening to Travis Scott or Bob, any indication will do just don’t be suc

“My Sinless Moon”

  “My Sinless Moon” Sometimes I wish I could take back every text I’ve ever sent, Sometimes deep down I believe you’re indeed heaven sent. I don’t quite like who I’ve become when I write; When I shade every word with ending profanity to let it seems as if everything is alright. Slowly breaking away my own walls because humans don’t live forever; Why lie to myself when my life is so short rapid evaporating water.   Kissing strangers on an honest dub night. Dumping on you my darkest secrets when there is no light. I just want to know you’re there for me, I just want to feel you on me. Can you touch me, can I touch you, can you be with me in a dark silent room? I know I don’t talk much about him but it bothers me everyday. My first born son unable to walk or talk or communicate as the other boys do and yet it’s the same year over year. I know it seems like I don’t care and truthfully I focus mostly on my art collection my therapy sessions. I am filled with anger because I do not deserve t

“Slumber Party”

  “ Slumber Party” I used to be a Christian, when I prayed I made the elders cry. How you knew what’s inside my weary heart dear imuzi? Deep underneath we all want to eat, fuck, sleep and die!   Whilst staying blind or deff, Unless you’re the Queen or Jeff   Got on that spaceship they left   That’s a fowl Mr. Ref! I want to be like Christ hanging with the sinners and the prostitutes. On the streets sucking dick and cracking then guilt tripping to church for my oral abuse. Smoking hot white bitches for the first time, every hole used getting used.   I want to be like David and I want to be like Moses; I want to rape and I want to kill somebody, respectively. I want to be like King Solomon testing the muddy waters of sodomy. Men of Gods own heart you can’t wrong me, its a holy slumber party. I will point out the tree and I will bring the rope so you can hang me. Keep your circle small son only trust the family. No matter the money don’t mean shit to me time is my only currency. Live my l

“Burning Rocks”

  “ Burning Rocks” No one asked if he was good, no one questioned the state of his beloved mangina.  You could tell something was going wrong with that smell coming from her vagina.  Bites his lip now, can’t let her slip no, she’s late for class though, then hurry lets fuck then take a really quick shower. Can’t let it pass; irregardless of a rewritten past, trying to make a good sunset last in North Carolina.  One more time for the redemption with his eyes all filled with sleep, still her time of the month oh boy that red looks deep, that needs a diaper stop doubling-up on those cheap panty liners.  That head was good; crush ice on the tip, my friends never understood so you could tell they were just beginners.  He tatted his name across his neck that boy really loves himself.  He tatted his logo all on his ass that boy should go and fuck himself. She got fat and ugly; that big fucking whale, thanking god she vomited him out wow Jonah saved himself.  Golden moment fresh like breath-mi

“I Drink Piss”

“I Drink Piss” I bet these straight dudes enjoy wiping that shit from their ass with disgust. I bet these gay dudes enjoys taking dick up the ass; you know that’s a must,   that’s why I never wipe, I don’t pick fruits unless it’s ripe, God help me control my lusts.  I hate kids, not the underage gang-bang and I’ll have a never-never wife until I rust! You know she loves girls allot more but being straight pays the bills, and she’s dunking packs of dicks a day who cares if smoking kills.  When I greet her its the same; no one can tell me why is this, her eye’s wide open every-time that we kiss.  Shop pops open at work but at home you need to bang on the door; she makes me work for it, beg for it, when she throws the show on for me its bliss.  I’m not quite comfortable with her fuck jobs and suck jobs but a stranger-danger needs to watch her kids.  Is it real now or was it real on the days that I’ve missed?  Swaying away to sleep on the rhythm of the opera; fat bitches calming me down wh

"I’m Always Preparing to Die”

  "I’m Always Preparing to Die”  I’m not gonna beg you for a life you didn’t give;  so if you’re gonna kill me, I don’t have all day or just let me live. If they should ask you how do I sleep at nights tell them it’s with keeping my demons all at bay; until I wake then, I do it all over agin the same fucking way. I have become a squatter in my own home because this is what renters do.  Why didn’t you come back to my place actually, I don’t blame you.  I’m drinking pink Chardonnay like these modern rich bitches. I’m saving money where I can opening the windows, hand washing clothes and hand washing dishes. You didn’t even send me a text of your pussy anymore nor a sexy call on telegram. I don’t very much like it that you know me for who I am.  I tend to watch murder mysteries allot just to see more of who I am. Wanting someone to suck Him off as soon as He lands;  I don’t believe you would understand, unless you are a Christian.   This one time I thought you were gonna kill yoursel

“Stripping my heart of choice”

  “Stripping my heart of choice” He has no hair in his ass, there’s no hair on his penis. Man! Jamaican sunsets are sincerely beautiful.  He likes it fresh for the same reason you eat meat but still refuse to eat road kill despite being the easiest.  In a world where people don’t have to do anything perception is everything.  Who knows what went on in Eden, who knows what to fuck, from goats to giant pheasants.  I turned and caught her drinking my spit.  The Queen was in his bed but the King is still thinking about fucking peasants. She’s not such a pussy that I’d need to say sorry for each misstep.  Slicing down bits of who I am to match the influence of others bro I’d rather die! I am my own expectation.  I made the bitch eat the peanut butter I was lonely and horny. So hard not to be an asshole when I’m laser focussed, so sorry its not my intention. I am the imuzi and I practice war.  I know it’s allot to ask of you but I’m worth it so I’d never feel guilty.  This is not just a coll

“Miami Lilly”

  “Miami Lilly” Noise of the world being down;  the words of a girl being drowned.  Energetic inspirations unfounded; C’s like channel almost blonde.  Close to the city lights blind-folded;  I had no time for you to be deboned.  Miami beaches a dream; Miami peaches and cream,  Miami bitches and Red Bull cans,  Miami churches and Christians!  I knew I needed a friend again, Bro why do you allow this to happen?  Slowly trodden and forgotten.  Apples in the lowest regions is always rotten.  Nothing needed to be said for it to be written.  Dripping lips purrs of a kitten, All I could see was several ways to be smitten. So fast slicing off pieces of me. Too fast jumping to every vulnerability.   Thank you for sex honing my ability.  I’ll see you in another pond my pretty little white Lilly. Dead End.  From: ryzoncity  By: imuzi ironizah Thompson  Written:   May 31, 2021 “There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” —imuzi ryzoncity Thompson  ©  2021

“I’m Satisfied”

“ I’m Satisfied” Since 09 satisfaction has never been my thing,  wanting more lessons after school bell rings. Drowning in love when I heard you sang, If it isn’t what it was I’d given you a ring. She brings me things I didn’t ask of makes me King.  Can’t this suffice? No peas but rice,  hot drinks no ice,  half truths and lies! Give me a baby when I’m out I’ll treat you so nice.  I love you better when you’re not around; It’s you I’m holding if he doesn’t make a sound,  but we both need collateral,  I can’t just be the one with capital.  When we don’t feel pain we belong to the material,  ground me oh God I’ve been so Celestial.  Just gonna let me imagine what Heaven is like when that slit could make me feel special,  don’t let me beg you when new pictures of you is crucial.  Driving around Miami trying to find you but in our hearts is where the devil live.  I got so hot in Miami I took so many lives.  This could be the wrong decision but I’ll live if you’re the consequence. Trying to

“Try & Die Bitch”

  “Try & Die Bitch” Sometimes it’s lonely when the devil leaves me alone;  I never said it so why on earth would you leave me alone,  you weren’t my bitch but I was always ready to lick it like a dog with a bone, when you were around. Such a sweet cologne.  Under Victorias Cave, was it burnt spaghettini or was it macaroni? Never your homme, never your humbre, never the one to hold you when you’re lonely.  You and Don taught me things I bet you didn’t know;  like how progressive relationships would sail if all our hearts could show.  Tell me things I don’t want to know. Direct me deep inside to your light that doesn’t want to glow; that eccentric shadow,  your true self, thy new self, there is the hallow.  Pour me in and say less no one knows the direction of the swallow. One day I might need you to lend me love, your inspirations to borrow.  Maybe I’ll see you in a year or few but I’m sure I’ll see your spirit tomorrow. Dead End.  From: ryzoncity  By: imuzi ironizah Thompson  Writt

“I’m already home”

  “I’m already home” There’s nobody… there is no one that could tell me where my home is! Please shut the fuck up. Just tell me how horny your cunt is, ignoring please stop, I can slice it up. All we thrive for is temptation but low-key I’m in need of some bloody peace in my life.  Not commoners knowledge to know that there’s peace when you’re taking someone’s life; there’s peace knowing you control whether they get to live or die, since it’s generating profits then they’re all ripe bound to die. From the dirty butchers diary to your porcelain table; no one asks if the butcher is insane or if his judgment is stable, should he walk amongst the regs, and is he good or is he evil? If Jesus told Peter where to locate and murder so many fish then does that makes Jesus the Devil? Fuck your choices, Donkey said the world ain’t level!  Judgment day fast approaches boy oh boy you know I’m ready; send me to Hell piss on my corpse, that’s the reversing R Kelly.  I’ve been through this kind of shi

"Burning Roses"

  "Burning Roses" As she sheds this version of herself I too relate; close to naked as can be, so close to the ice yet living within- reaching farther deep. All I am and all you are the same; hide and seek a dangerous, a very old game. The time draws near for the birth of the Pumpkin King; the time draws near for the historical endless killing-game. I know I am not all that ready but you grow and I grow; I admire you dear old oak tree, don’t you already know? How do you survive looking at this mess of a world all day and all night? I close my doors, my eyes to escape the fright. My mind is enough; incomparable to this garbage. My chaos is enough; I know only the eccentric understands our language. I just need some silence; some darkness so I can cry, turn the light out for a second, it’s gotten so easy to lie. So what? Can I not be pleased with myself, is that not allowed. I am robbed, only of my creations can I be proud. The moment you fruit you begin to end, bury me by her